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Renewable Heat Now!

We can reduce the demand for fossil fuels and make home heating more affordable by changing the way our homes are heated. Join us as we raise awareness about how New York can convert from fossil fuel heating to efficient renewable-ready electric systems, such as geothermal and cold climate heat pumps.
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Rate Cases

Renewable Energy

Utilities collect billions of dollars every year from New Yorkers and invest that money in building the electricity grid, building pipelines, and paying for energy efficiency programs. AGREE has been intervening in utility rate cases since 2017 to advocate for affordable energy bills, for utility support for a renewable energy future, and against utility gas expansion investments.

Beyond Indian Point

Beyond Indian Point

On April 30, 2020 the first reactor at Indian Point nuclear power plant closed permanently. Since plans for the closure were announced in 2017, New York has replaced the reactor with energy efficiency and renewables. Next year, the final reactor at Indian Point will close, moving us another step closer to 100% renewable energy. 

Energy Democracy

Energy Democracy Alliance

New York is overhauling rules for utility companies and re-envisioning its publicly funded clean energy programs. AGREE and the Energy Democracy Alliance are calling on New York to make the vision R.E.A.L. - Renewable, Equitable, Accountable, and Local. Learn about New York's "Reforming the Energy Vision" and the movement for energy democracy in New York.

Phase Out, Not Bailout

Our upstate New York nuclear reactors are still unsafe and New York has adopted a nuclear subsidy policy that will cost approximately $7.6 billion through 2029. Learn about the dangers posed by these nuclear reactors and the efforts to stop nuclear subsidies while accelerating the transition to renewables.
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HeatSmart CNY

HeatSmart CNY is a community campaign making it easier and more affordable than ever to improve the energy efficiency of our homes and buildings. We help connect homeowners and building owners with the many programs available to help reduce the costs of energy efficiency upgrades and efficient electric heat pumps.

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