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Comment to Oppose National Grid Rate Hike and Climate Destruction

National Grid wants to raise their prices on electricity and gas by almost $100 per year for the average customer. During any given time an increase in the cost of gas and electricity is controversial as thousands of customers are already behind on these bills. However we aren’t just in any given time, COVID-19 has left many people in this community without jobs. National Grid’s CEO John Pettigrew makes $6,848,349 a year (that’s more than $3,000 per hour!), while the luckiest of us struggle to afford working or learning from home.

Climate Change is a real threat, and everyday we are working against the clock to fight it. Allowing a rate increase means more money going into a system that is killing our planet and ourselves. Last year NY state passed the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. The CLCPA says that we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 85% before 2050. The gas rate hike proposed by National Grid would fund $41.8 million in new gas delivery infrastructure, in just one year alone, continuing to harm us instead of helping us.

User the form below to tell the Public Service Commission what you think about National Grid's proposed rate hikes and gas investments. We encourage you to use your own words, but to help you craft your comment, we have created this handy TALKING POINTS DOCUMENT.


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