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The Alliance for a Green Economy (AGREE) and Beyond Nuclear have filed a petition with the NRC asking for an emergency enforcement action against the James A. FitzPatrick nuclear power plant in Scriba, New York. The petition asks for the immediate suspension of the plant's operating license, public hearings on the safety of the plant, and the public release of a post-Fukushima safety reassessment.

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We filed this petition on March 10, 2012, and in October, we acheived a partial victory when the NRC informed us that our petition is serious enough to move forward. The focus of the petition is the FitzPatrick nuclear reactor's emergency venting plan, which poses a severe health and safety risk to the public. In the case of an accident in the plant, Entergy, the FitzPatrick operator, plans to relieve pressure in the main reactor building by venting radiation, steam, and explosive gasses into another building, where the pressure is expected to rise until it blows open the doors of the building, releasing the radiation and gasses into the air at ground level. This increases the probability that workers and the public would suffer massive radiation exposure, as well as the possibility of a dangerous hydrogen explosion that could injure workers or damage the reactor.

This plan was approved by the NRC twenty years ago, and saved the operator $680,000. In approving the plan, the NRC wrote that it believed that combustion in the existing vent path was not a "significant risk." The explosions during the Fukushima nuclear disaster expose the fallacy of this assumption. In fact, a May 2011 post-Fukushima assessment of the plant suggests that the NRC and Entergy now believe the plant could be vulnerable to hydrogen explosions in the vent line in an accident scenario, but they have done nothing about it.

The FitzPatrick reactor has the same flawed containment design as the ones that melted down at Fukushima and is vulnerable to the same issues. It is the only plant of this kind in the country with the venting strategy described above. All other GE Mark I Boiling Water Reactors in the US followed a 1989 recommendation from the NRC to install a Direct Torus Vent System. (These systems were also proved faulty by the Fukushima disaster.)

Even though the NRC has ruled favorably so far, it has not issued a final decision, and the Petition Review Board has informed us is is recommending that our petition be held in "abeyance." This means a final decision, which could shut down this dangerous reactor, will be delayed indefinitely. Until this reactor is shut down, the NRC is gambling that nothing will go wrong at FitzPatrick. This is gambling with our lives and is an unacceptable risk and a dereliction of duty on the part of the NRC. More than 900,000 people live within 50 miles of FitzPatrick, including the residents of Oswego and Syracuse, NY. Help us keep the pressure on the NRC by signing the petition if you haven't already. If you have, please tell others about this campaign. We need to send a strong message to the NRC that citizens are watching how it regulates this dangerous reactor. (Read More)

To co-sign, visit: http://​​7285/c/1271/p/dia/action/​public/?action_KEY=10054.