Get on the "Ban Wagon" - Protest January 9 in Albany for a Hydrofracking Ban

UPDATE: The bus is now full. Please call the organizers to find out if there is room on the carpool list.


Get on the bus from Syracuse!
January 9, 2013

Departure from Syracuse: 8am.
Return to Syracuse: 6pm.

Fee: $25 per person

Syracuse Bus Organizers: Jessica and Ursula
Phone:(315) 472-5478, (315) 480-1515
Email: or
Bus sponsored by Syracuse Peace Council and Alliance for a Green Economy

The New Yorkers Against Fracking coalition is calling on all New Yorkers to come to Albany for a rally to keep fracking out of our beloved state. We will take our message right to the Governor as we gather outside the annual State of the State Address, delivered by Andrew Cuomo.

We've never needed your voices more than now. Just last week, the Department of Environmental Conservation took the reckless step of releasing draft rules and regulations that would sanction the process of fracking in New York State, thus setting the clock ticking on a decision-making process that, absent our intervention, could lead to permits in early 2013. Never mind that the environmental impact statement (sGEIS) that is supposed to serve as a scientific foundation of those regulations has not been released to the public. Never mind that the unfinished health "review" that is supposed to sit at the heart of the sGEIS is shrouded in secrecy. Never mind that the work of the health study is being carried out by three outside experts who are contracted for a mere 25 hours--three days--of their time. Let's tell the Governor that everything about this process is wrong: it is backward, undemocratic, hasty, and irrational. A secret, 25-hour health review? Shockingly inadequate. An industry-influenced sGEIS? Fatally flawed. And cart-before-the-horse rulemaking? Un-fracking-believable.

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