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Join Our Carbon-Free, Nuclear-Free Campaign


Alliance for a Green Economy (AGREE) is asking New York State to do a renewable roadmap that would light the way for a total transition from nuclear and carbon-based fuel sources in New York to a Carbon-Free, Nuclear-Free energy supply. National studies have shown that through conservation and energy efficiency measures, solar, wind, hydro, and non-food-crop bio fuels, the United States could end its reliance on fossil and nuclear fuels. Some research has been done in New York to show the feasibility of a 100% renewable energy supply here, but we need more information and a comprehensive plan for transitioning our state to achieve energy independence, environmental protection, and a green-energy-based economy. Read more about the study.

You can join this campaign! AGREE has teamed up with member organization Peace Action CNY to collect postcards from people from all over New York state who want a carbon-free, nuclear-free energy supply. You can sign one electronically below and we will fill out the physical postcard for you. Help us show lawmakers that New Yorkers support this study.

We're delivering these cards on Tuesday, June 3. This form will be closed on June 2.