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Take the Pledge

Carbon-free Nuclear-free

We can and must rapidly transition to a 100% renewable energy system. This transformation of our state’s energy system is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to revitalize our economy and environment for all New Yorkers. To ensure we do not miss it, we will begin now, and we will do so with a clear, realistic, science-based plan.

Reclaim the Energy Vision

Renewable Energy

New York is undertaking a major effort to reform the way utilities are regulated and structured, in order to encourage the development of distributed energy resources, like rooftop solar, energy efficiency, and battery storage. Get involved to promote energy democracy, energy affordability, environmental protection and consumer safeguards. Read More...

Just Transition

Phase Out Not Bailout

The nuclear industry has entered a new era. Market changes, nuclear plant aging, rising maintenance costs, and the expiration of overpriced contracts for nuclear power have all converged to throw the future of some nuclear plants into question. Some nuclear power plants in New York are not able to turn a profit, and they are looking for a handout. Read More...